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Debugging Abnormal Handling of Meltblown Equipment

Dec. 23, 2020

Overview of melt blown cloth equipment

Melt blowing is a method that relies on high-temperature, high-speed airflow to blow the polymer melt to make it quickly stretched to prepare fibers.

After the polymer chips are heated and pressurized by the screw extruder into a molten state, they pass through the melt distribution channel to the spinneret hole at the front end of the Melt Blown Machine. After extrusion, they are stretched by two convergent high-speed and high-temperature air streams. Its refinement.

The thinned fiber is cooled and solidified on the mesh device to form a melt-blown non-woven fabric.

Melt Blown Machine

Melt Blown Machine

Handling of abnormal situation

1.If the cloth is still not soft at the recommended relatively high temperature, there may be a problem with temperature sensing or temperature control, so directly continue to increase the temperature until the cloth is in a soft state.

2. If the wind pressure is below 0.2Mpa and the die temperature is near or below 210°C, there will be a phenomenon of flying. The melt finger of the Melt Blown pp Material may be abnormal, or the temperature induction is abnormal, the wind pressure display is abnormal, or the air duct tuyere size If the angle is abnormal, contact the equipment manufacturer or raw material manufacturer to eliminate the abnormality.

3. It is recommended to use low temperature materials for large equipment and medium and high temperature materials for small equipment.

4. Generally, when the temperature is very high, the cloth is still not soft, or it starts to become brittle, and then the temperature is further increased, and the cloth starts to become soft. Generally speaking, there is a problem with the equipment itself. It is recommended to contact the equipment manufacturer, or the material is of serious quality problem.

5. The addition of electret masterbatch generally needs to be matched by adjusting appropriate process parameters. Different electret masterbatches have different corresponding process parameters, and can be adjusted to the best state according to this rapid adjustment process. Compare performance again.

6. The greater the amount of electret masterbatch added, the better the electrostatic effect, but the greater the impact on the fabric, it needs to be balanced, and the premise is to do a good job of Melt Blown Cloth.

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