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Features of Non-Woven Glove Machine

Apr. 17, 2021

The whole production of Non-Woven Glove Machine is fully automatic, save time and stable quality, anti-static device for wiping gloves, more to achieve the effect of dust removal, machine features a machine can produce mop cloth and wiping gloves two kinds of products, as long as the mold can be replaced to increase economic efficiency, one ultrasonic fusion, the other for backfill, production more smooth, computer program control, electric tension control, aluminum alloy machine structure is strong and beautiful.

Glove Making Machine

Glove Making Machine

Features of Glove Making Machine:

1.Independent material release frame, convenient to pick and place and adjust raw materials

2. High degree of automation, low requirements for operating staff, just pick and place raw materials and finishing products

3. Automatic counting

4. Frequency conversion control, according to the actual need to adjust the speed of equipment operation

5. Rotating control box, the direction of the control box can be adjusted according to customer requirements

6. Automatic scrap collection, so that the scrap is automatically withdrawn, reducing physical labor for the operating staff

7. The whole machine adopts full aluminum alloy frame, light and beautiful appearance without rusting

8. Frequency conversion control, equipped with photoelectric detection device, making the arc of slicing more stable

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