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Frequently Asked Questions About Melt Blown Cloth Melt Blown Machine

Feb. 04, 2021

We encountered common problems in the process of helping customers solve problems with Melt Blown Machines:

1.The same material starts to work well, the cloth will not be sprayed after a few days

Some materials have a low melting quality after being placed for a few days. I have seen many products with a melting quality of about 1500 before leaving the factory, but after a few days at the customer’s factory, the melting quality will become 1000. This will cause the starting material to be used well, and the machine will be adjusted in a few days. The cloth can't be sprayed. The processing temperature required for different melts is different. This is caused by inadequate processing technology in the production and processing of meltblown materials. The stability of the material is very important.

Melt Blown Machines

Melt Blown Machines

2. The toughness of the cloth is not good, it is brittle and breaks easily

This is currently the most common problem encountered by people. Considering that the melt quality of the material is 1500, it is normal that the sprayed cloth is brittle and breakable. Therefore, relevant ingredients are required in the production formula of meltblown materials, and different ratios are used to solve this problem. Moreover, some materials must be added in the production stage. When added to the Melt-blown Fabric Machine later, problems such as uneven processing and plugging are often encountered. The problem of poor resilience is too common, and I can help you solve it. Compound formula, imported ingredients.

3. The sprayed cloth has a peculiar smell

To put it more complicatedly, the VOC of the cloth does not meet the standard. In simple terms, the cloth has a smell. Although the filter grade of the cloth may reach the standard, it has a peculiar smell and is harmful to the human body. This is mainly because the ingredients used in the modification process are problematic, especially the initiators produced by some small factories. Part of the reason is that there is no vacuum or insufficient air filtration during processing.

4. Use non-melt blown material to spray melt blown cloth

Many small factories use non-melt blown materials to spray melt blown cloth at the beginning, such as SECCO 2040. This filtering level is not up to standard. And it cannot be used on medical products.

5. The melt blown material of the big factory can not spray a good cloth

To put it bluntly, this is because the material does not match the machine. In other words, your machine does not eat this material. After the material production test is finalized, the formula ratio will not be changed. It has its processing interval, but your machine can easily find this processing interval. Faced with this problem, either change the machine or add ingredients during melt-blown, both of which have to be tried continuously. The best thing is to refuel decisively...

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