1600mm Meltblown Machine

We offer quality 1600mm meltblown fabric making machine to produce meltblown nonwoven fabric, which is the core material of N95 face masks.
Product Description

1600mm Meltblown Fabric Making Machine Process flow

Raw material storage → air flow conveying device → screw extruding and melting →filtering → metering → die head → spinning (hot air) → laying net → electrostatic electret → rolling (excluding slitting machine)

1600mm Meltblown Fabric Making Machine Supporting facilities

Main Equipment List of Meltblown Nonwoven

Device nameQuantitySupportingDescription
1Suction and feeding system1 set
2Screw extruder1 setФ90MM L/D=30
3Melt filter1 set
4Metering pump and transmission system1 set70CC
5Centralized electrical cabinet control system1 set
6Spinning box with die head and heating system1 set
7Spinneret (38 holes per inch, hole diameter
0.3mm, aspect ratio 12)
1 set
8Air heater1 setFrequency control 300KW 10M3
9Roots blower1 setFrequency control 37KW
10Suction roots fan1 set7.5KW
11Web forming machine1 set
12Electrostatic electret system1 set
13Winding machine1 setCut off online
14Forging furnace1 set
15Vacuum cleaner1 set
16pipeline1 set
17steel platform1 setThe supplier provides drawings and installation instructions, the user prepares
18Electrical installation materials1 setUser-supplied
Total priceThe offer is valid until June 14, 2020 (this Sunday)FOB USD 600,000

Remarks: Details in the attachment

1600mm Meltblown Machine Machine parameters

1. Finished width: 1575mm, effective width

2. Monofilament fineness M: (2~8) μm

3. Adapt to the main raw material: polypropylene slice MFI: 1500

4. Product weight.: (20 ~ 100) g / ㎡

5. Uniformity of melt blown cloth: CV≤8%

6. Production speed: ≤ 25m / min

7. Maximum production capacity: per 24 hours (not including monofilament fineness)

1.6M1-1.5 tons

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