Automatic plane mask making machine 1+1

Full Automatic Mask Making Machine is an Automatic mask production line with one set blank mask making machine and two sets of mask ear loop outer welding machine.
Product Description

Automatic Mask Machine

Features of Automatic Mask Machine

High-speed full-automatic flat mask production line is a fully automated production line customized for the production of flat masks. From raw material feeding to finished product completion, it is a single line of automated operations, including automatic feeding, nose line insertion, folding, ultrasonic welding, slicing , Welding line and other automation.

The Use of Automatic Mask Machine

Fully automatic mask machine is used to produce disposable flat masks, one-to-one disposable medical masks production line, which has the characteristics of high output, convenient operation, saving labor and time, and high yield.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Mask Machine

1Equipment size5100mm (length)*3800mm (width)*2000mm (height)/5.1m*3.8m*2m
2Equipment weightTotal equipment weight ≤4000kg,ground load ≥500kg/㎡
3Equipment colorCustomer customization
4Equipment working power220VAC±5% 50HZ ground protection Rated power:≤10KW (including welding machine)
5Compressed air0.4-0.6MP(clean air after dehydration, oil-free, filtration, and voltage stabilization)Use flow rate of about 300L/min
6Production efficiency≥70PCS/min
7Equipment99%(except the cause of original materials and human operation)
8product qualification rate99.7%
9Equipment failure rate≤2%(caused by the equipment itself)
10Equipment use environmentGeneral workshop environment is acceptable (no corrosive gas, no dust)

Automatic Mask Machine Characteristics——”3A”

AppearanceThe whole machine is made of aluminum alloy, which is solid and rust free.
AdvancedAutomatic control the balance of tension of raw materials.
Computer program control, high output, good stability, low failure rate.
PLC programming control, servo drives, high degree of automation.
This machine has the functions of total count and batch count , and the number of batch counts can be set arbitrarily.
Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
ArbitrarilyMachine can produce mask with 1-4 layers of cloth.
Changing the mold can produce masks of different sizes and styles.
The pattern of the welding joint of the mask body can be designed by the customer.
Welding strength can be adjusted, without connections part between the mask blank machine and welding. We separate these two sets machine to make sure the stable production and reduce the waste of material.

Automatic Mask Machine Description

Automatic Mask Machine Description

This machine is an automatic mask machine, it can only produce disposable flat mask, but not three-dimensional or N95 mask.

Automatic Mask Machine Description

Whether the mask produced by this machine is medical or not has nothing to do with the machine. As long as the mask produced by this machine is sterilized, it can be used as surgical mask.

Finished Product

Finished Product

Mask Size: 175 x 95mm (L×W)

Nose Bridge Length: 100mm

Product Structure:

Take 175*95mm for example.

1Inner Water-repellent Non-woven fabric (white)25195175
22 Ear-loops (elastic)
3Outer Water-repellent Non-woven fabric (blue)25175/180175
4Intermediate Melt-blown Non-woven25175/180175
5Nose Bridge


Packing Shipping

Packing Size

Mask blank machine & Material stand2080*1000*1820cm
Material conveyor1010*660*1020cm
Transport belt*21740*1040*900cm
Ear-loop welding machine2100*1060*1610cm
Conveyor belt2580*380*470cm

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