Automatic Plane Mask Production Line 1+2

The medical mask making machine is composed of many parts, which completes the whole process of the production of medical masks.
Product Description

Automatic Medical Mask Making Machine

Features of Automatic Medical Mask Making Machine

The high-speed automatic plane mask production line is a fully automated production line customized for the production of plane masks. From raw material input to finished product are all one-line automated operations, including automatic feeding, nose line insertion, folding, ultrasonic welding, slicing , Welding line and other full automation.

The Use of Automatic Medical Mask Making Machine

Full-automatic mask machine is used to produce disposable flat masks and one-to-two disposable medical mask production lines. It has the characteristics of high output, convenient operation, labor and time saving, and high yield.

Automatic Medical Mask Making Machine Technical Parameter

NO.(project)(Specification requirements)
1Equipment size6500mm (L) * 3500mm (W) * 1950mm (H)
2Equipment weightTotal weight of equipment ≤5000kg, ground bearing ≥500kg/㎡
3Equipment colorSheet metal light green, aluminum profile primary color
4Equipment working power220VAC±5% 50HZ Ground protection Rated power: ≤10KW (including welding machine)
5Compressed air0.4-0.6MP (clean water after dewatering, oil-free, filtering and stabilizing), the flow rate is about 300L/min
7Equipment product qualification rate 99% (except for original materials and human operation)
8Equipment failure rate≤2% (caused by the equipment itself)
10Equipment use environmentGeneral workshop environment is acceptable (no corrosive gas, no dust)

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