N95 Mask Automatic Production Line

This N95 mask making machine is an automatic folding mask production line.
Product Description

N95 Automatic Mask Machine

N95 Automatic Mask Machine Introduction

This machine is an automatic folding mask production line (typical models such as N95 masks). The equipment is loaded in full rolls. Multi-layer non-woven fabric rolls are composite roll welded. The nose line is unwound and cut and welded. The two roll ear straps are automatically unwound. 1. After fixed-length cutting and welding, the body is folded in half, and after ultrasonic welding and fusion, the final mask is rolled and formed.If You Have Any Questions On Surgical Mask Making Machine and Medical Mask Making Machine and N95 Mask Production Line. We Will Give The Professional Answers To Your Questions. 

N95 Automatic Mask Machine Introduction

N95 Automatic Mask Machine Machine Parameters

7Bearing seatNSK
9Compressed air0.4-0.6Mpa
11Pass rate99%

N95 Automatic Mask Machine Machine Supporting Facilities

1. The equipment is equipped with cloth unwinding M a x 6 sets and the winding diameter M a x 6 0 0 m m.

2. The material unwinding adopts the active unwinding method, which automatically unwinds according to the position of the tension roller.

3. Nose bar welding module: including nose bar unwinding, nose bar leveling, fixed length conveying, cutting, welding function.

4. The material compound roll welding unit: adopts the welding method of ultrasonic welding head and steel die, the flatness and position of the roller can be adjusted when welding.

5. Earband welding unit; the earband welding of this equipment adopts earband type (non-head-mounted), the whole roll is loaded, after driving and tension control, the fixed length is cut, the length of the earband is adjustable, ultrasonic welding is used Welding is firm.

6. The material driving unit adopts the servo motor to control the main driving roller to drive the cloth, the operation is stable, and the pressure can be adjusted precisely.

7. Folded unit: Adjustable triangular plate is adopted, and the height and angle can be adjusted to ensure that the mask is neutrally folded in half.

8. Forming welding unit: It adopts ultrasonic welding, the welding is firm, the pattern is clear, and the technical parameters of the ultrasonic welding system can be adjusted.

9. Forming and cutting unit: rolling cutter wheel: knife pad wheel. Pressure can be adjusted, material: high speed steel.

10. The waste material is separated into units, and the waste material automatically falls into the frame.

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N95 Automatic Mask Machine Machine Production Processes

N95 Automatic Mask Machine Machine Production Processes

Raw material path diagram

The cloth path is as shown in the figure above. Each roll of cloth passes through the tensioning mechanism and then passes through the cloth roll support frame. Go to the next process.

Raw material path diagram

Raw material feeding process

N95 masks are generally composed of 3-6 layers of fabric (see the mask picture above for details). When you need to make several layers of masks, put a few rolls of fabric on the rack.


Nose crimping & embossing process

The outermost fabric walks from above, and then inserts the nose bridge thread between the fabrics. While the fabric enters the embossing mechanism, the nose bridge thread loading mechanism pushes the nose bridge thread into the fabric.

Nose crimping embossing process

Nose bridge feeding mechanism

After the power goes from the power shaft to the top, it is transmitted to the splitter, and then the splitter transmits the power to the nose bridge charging mechanism and the feeding mechanism, respectively.

Nose bridge feeding mechanism

Pad printing function & ear belt automatic feeding system

Between the pad printing mechanism of the left and right ear strap welding mechanism, the cylinder spiral rod is connected, and at the same time they can move together along the guide rail on the frame.

Pad printing function ear belt automatic feeding system

Printing mechanism

The principle of the left and right printing mechanism is the same, this printing process uses the printing process

Printing mechanism

Earband automatic feeding mechanism

The welding mechanism and principle of the left and right ear straps are the same, but the positions are different. The path is the ear belt roll-driving wheel & pressing wheel-adjusting wire wheel-passing wire wheel-passing hole.

Earband automatic feeding mechanism

Ear strap cutting mechanism

When the scissors stopper hits the pressure claw block received above, the cylinder continues to push, which is the push block will push the scissors to form a closure, thus cutting the ear strap

Ear strap cutting mechanism

Mask cutting & waste disposal process

The feeding mechanism and the function of the spoke mechanism 1-4 are all for pulling the masks move forward, and their driving force comes from the power shaft.

Mask cutting waste disposal process

Mask cutting mechanism

The screw drive module drives the entire mechanism to reciprocate, mainly to ensure that there is no relative displacement with the mask; the folded mask is achieved by cutting the embossing mold and ultrasonic heating to achieve the purpose of cutting the mask.

Mask cutting mechanism

Mask output process

The discharge belt takes the mask out, and the scrap that has been cut off from the following path: roller-1 a roller-2 a roller 3 a roller 4 a driving roller & pressing roller, and is discharged

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