N95 Mask Ear Strap Welding Machine

N95 Mask Ear Strap Welding Machine
Product Description

Product  Description

This equipment is the ear-bands welding machine for KN95 mask. The equipment is a full-automatic
ear-bands feeding machine.The KN95 semi-finished products are manually fed to the circulating tray.

After positioning and tightening, the welding of the two ear-bands is completed, and the masks are then sent to the turnover box to be collected as finished products.

n95 kn95 mask semi-automatic nonwoven ear loop welding machines

Equipment size
Equipment weight
Equipment capacity
20-30 pieces/min
Equipment yield
Total power
220VAC 50HZ
Equipment failure rate
Overall air pressure


1. Use lighter and stronger aluminum alloy frame

2. High stability

3. One output line, high capacity

4. Fully automatic, using the mask production process for external ear hook welding, which can save labor. The machine can automatically stop after the non-woven material is released at one time.

Equipment Strengths

1.Working in circulation allows fast manual feeding.

2.Automatic feeding of ear-bands line is stable, antifouling and does not wind.

3.Built-in anti-deformation and anti-displacement devices ensure stability and reliability, and 100% qualified input all day long.

4.The ear-band welding mechanisms at both sides are installed in dislocation, and one-sided flattening mechanism is added to ensure stable and beautiful ear-band welding.

5.Through the man-machine interface, the individual action and linkage of each part can be controlled,and the necessary parameters can be directly input and modified.

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