N95 Mask-making Machine(Lead Plane)

Semi-auto mask making machine is mainly used for automatic forming of folding masks: the whole roll of fabric is unrolled and driven by rollers.
Product Description

Equipment overview:
KN95 mask film machine is mainly an automatic production equipment developed for KN95 masks. Unwinding material, one layer of non-woven fabric, three layers of melt-blown fabric, one layer of needle-punched cotton, knurled cutting and forming at one time, mask samples and waste materials are separated, and the nose bridge can be automatically worn. Post-process can be connected to welding ear straps, marking and other stations.


1. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy + steel parts structure, beautiful appearance, more durable than pure aluminum alloy machine.
2. The parameters of the machine can be adjusted to meet the personalized design: the size of the mask.
3. Mature technology, good equipment stability, high output, low defect rate, easy to operate, has been verified by the market. The core components are self-made, and the quality and delivery time are guaranteed.

Application areas:N95 masks, medical masks

Technical Parameters

1Machine's dimension

1400mm (L)*2500mm (W)*200mm (H)

2Machine's weight

1500 kg

3Production capacityUp to 90PCS/Min


380V 3 phase (can be adjustable according to custome's requirement)


8.1 KW

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